Special Issue

After the conference, we invited six outstanding contributions for inclusion in a special journal issue on the conference.

  • Matias Korman and Wolfgang Mulzer.
  • Franz Aurenhammer, Michael Steinkogler, and Rolf Klein.
    Partially Walking a Polygon
  • Hee-Kap Ahn, Eunjin Oh, Lena Schlipf, Fabian Stehn, and Darren Strash.

    On Romeo and Juliet Problems: Minimizing Distance-to-Sight

  • Ovidiu Daescu, Stephan Friedrichs, Hemant Malik, Valentin Polishchuk, and Christiane Schmidt.
    Altitude Terrain Guarding and Guarding Uni-Monotone Polygons

  • Clemens Huemer, Alexander Pilz, and Rodrigo I. Silveira.

    A New Lower Bound on the Maximum Number of Plane Graphs using Production Matrices

  • Steven Chaplick, Fabian Lipp, Alexander Wolff, and Johannes Zink.

    Compact Drawings of 1-Planar Graphs with Right-Angle Crossings and Few Bends

    • Linda Kleist, Boris Klemz, Anna Lubiw, Lena Schlipf, Frank Staals, and Darren Strash.
      Convexity-Increasing Morphs of Planar Graphs