Restaurants and coffee shops near the CADE venue

Special recommendation: Das Cafe in der Gartenakademie, athmosperic experience, highly recommended, easy to reach in 5min, ask Christoph about it  (map:

• Luise, German and international food, beer garden (map:
• Alter Krug, German food, beer garden, lunch for 7,90€ (map:
• Restaurant Engler’s, German and international food, business lunch for 9,90€
• Ristorante Piaggio, Italian food, lunch (map:
Fabeck’s, German food, 9 different varieties of beer (map:
Esskultur, in the ethnological museum Dahlem, international and asian food, lunch from 11:30am to 14:00pm 
Asia light, asian food and sushi (map:
• Two snack bars (at U-Bahn station Dahlem-Dorf), Döner Kebap, Bratwurst, Pommes Frites and alike. 
• Cafe Kornfeld, coffee, cakes, snacks and daily soup (map:
• Cafe Cross, coffee, cakes, sandwiches and snacks (map:
Chirag, Indian food, business lunch (map:
Pesetas, Spanish food, tapas and cocktails (map:
Ko Phai, Thai food (map:
• EisZeit, ice cream and coffee (map:


FU Berlin has several mensas with excellent price-value ratios. In particular FU campus mensa II is reachable in about 5 minutes from the CADE venue. (map:

More information on all nine mensas and cafeterias of FU Berlin is available here.

Moreover, there is the cantina of the Julius Kühn-Insitut in close proximity to the CADE venue. (map:


An ATM in the Seminaris Hotel:

An ATM near to the FU campus mensa II: 

An ATM near to the underground station Dahlem-Dorf: