Abstracts of all keynote talks and talks at the mini-symposia will be provided for you in form of a book of abstracts. For that, we ask each speaker to please submit his or her abstract by 13th March.

Instructions for the template and abstract submission:

Download and unpack Abstracts.zip.

Rename sccs-abstract-template.tex as shown below and add your content. The abstracts should be maximum half a page of text. Space constraints do not allow the inclusion of figures.

Since all abstracts will be combined in one volume, all files have to adhere to a strict common format, sharing an identical document preamble. We kindly ask you to NOT modify the header file or the style file.

We appreciate if you refrain from using individual user macros.

For the sake of consistency, references must be provided in a bib file (in contrast to manually formatted \bibitems).

Please rename the template file sccs-abstract-template.tex as follows:

If you include references, please use the same base name for your bib file:

If there is more than one author, please use one of the following forms:


Please zip the following files together: .tex, .bib, where applicable, and .pdf.
Upload the zip file using our upload form.

In case of questions, please contact conference[at]sfb1114.de.