Welcome to the first conference of CRC 1114

Scaling Cascades in Complex Systems 2017

The conference aims to bring together scientists from the disciplines Biochemistry, Physics, Geo-Sciences and Mathematics, who are focusing on methodological developments for the modeling and simulation of complex processes involving cascades of scales. Furthermore we take the opportunity to present CRC 1114 and its progress in the first funding period.

Keynotes by:

Mini-Symposia on:

Michael Dellnitz - Universität Paderborn
Carsten Eden - Universität Hamburg
Gary Froyland - University of New South Wales
Taras Gerya - ETH Zürich
Rupert Klein - Freie Universität Berlin
Mária Lukácová-Medvidová - Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
Mark Peletier - Eindhoven University of Technology
Robert Scheichl - University of Bath

Multiscale Methods for PDEs: Methodology and Applications
Stochastic Modeling Approaches for Turbulent Flows
Open Systems
Balanced Atmospheric Data Assimilation
Information-theoretical Methods for Complex Systems
Deformation Accumulation in Seismic Faults and Networks
Organization, Shape, and Dynamics of Biological Membranes
Practical Approximations for Monte Carlo Simulations of Complex Systems
Multi-scale Reaction Kinetics
Coarse Graining in Molecular Systems
Molecular Kinetics and Kinetic Models from MD simulations
Stochastic Parametrizations for Convective Processes


Scientific Committee

Organizing Committee

Rupert Klein
Ralf Kornhuber
Christof Schütte
Alexander Mielke
Roland Netz
Frank Noé
Onno Oncken

Rupert Klein
Ralf Kornhuber
Christof Schütte