The conference

Conference and FaBI

The German Conference on Bioinformatics (GCB) is an annual, international conference devoted to all areas of bioinformatics. Recent meetings attracted a multinational audience with 250 – 300 participants each year. The meeting is open to all fields of bioinformatics and is meant as a platform for the German and European bioinformatics community.

The upcoming GCB will be chaired by Knut Reinert, Professor at the Institute for Bioinformatics at Freie Universität Berlin. It will focus on computation in the academic natural sciences and aims to showcase applications and opportunities beyond. Spearheading scientists will be presenting along with young researchers and industry representatives.

Focus Areas

  • Network analysis
  • Algorithms for bioinformatics
  • Systems biology
  • Applied (bio)informatics in industry research
  • Computational biology
  • Physical modeling of molecular and cellular processes


  • 5 high-profile keynotes
  • Selected talks
  • Flash talks and poster session
  • Industry session, posters and impulse talks possible
  • "Women in Computational Biology" Award
  • Conference dinner
  • Social event in Berlin

Previous conferences


Fachgruppe Bioinformatik (FaBI)

To jointly promote and direct the development of the field of Bioinformatics, the associations GI (Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V.), DECHEMA (Gesellschaft für Chemische Technik und Biotechnologie e.V.), GBM (Gesellschaft für Biochemie und Molekularbiologie e.V.) and GDCh (Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker e.V.) founded the expert group for bioinformatics (Fachgruppe Bioinformatik) in September 2014. Since then the group unites interests of academia and industry in the field. The GCB is the conference of FaBI.

For more information visit (german)

Program Committee

  • Knut Reinert, Chair
  • Rolf Backofen
  • Jan Baumbach
  • Tim Beissbarth
  • Sebastian Böcker
  • Mathieu Clément-Ziza
  • Christoph Dieterich
  • Marcus Dittrich
  • Martin Eisenacher
  • Caroline C. Friedel
  • Holger Froehlich
  • Alexander Goesmann
  • Andreas Gogol-Döring
  • Jan Grau
  • Dominik Heider
  • Daniel Hoffmann
  • Lars Kaderali
  • Jens Keilwagen
  • Johannes Kirchmair
  • Gunnar W. Klau
  • Ina Koch
  • Oliver Koch
  • Oliver Kohlbacher
  • Tobias Marschall
  • Annalisa Marsico
  • Manja Marz
  • Bui Quang Minh
  • Burkhard Morgenstern
  • Axel Mosig
  • Tobias Müller
  • Sven Nahnsen
  • Tim Nattkemper
  • Nico Pfeifer
  • Heike Pospisil
  • Sven Rahmann
  • Jörg Rahnenführer
  • Bernhard Renard
  • Alexander Schoenhuth
  • Joachim Selbig
  • Achim Tresch
  • Martin Vingron


  • Knut Reinert
  • Annalisa Marsico
  • Heike Siebert
  • Tim Conrad
  • Max von Kleist
  • Bernard Renard
  • Frank Noé
  • Rosario Piro
  • Oliver Serang
  • Fabian Feutlinske, Coordinator
  • Christopher Pockrandt, Web Services
  • Benjamin Vetter, Web Services