You can download the program flyer here.

Thursday, May 3rd: ICI Berlin

Welcome and Introduction & Plenary Discussion [in German]

Und was macht das Publikum?
Podiumsdiskussion zu Affektivität und Aktivität von Präsenzpublika im Sport und im Theater                                              

Moderation Doris Kolesch

Mit Christopher Balme, Stefano Bazzano, Annemarie Matzke, Marietta Piekenbrock, Alexander Schmohl

6 pm


7:30 pm

Friday, May 4th: Seminarzentrum Freie Universität Berlin                    


Welcome: Birgitt Röttger-Rössler
9:30 am
Doris Kolesch / Theresa Schütz: The Paradox of the Spectator in Performances of SIGNA
9:35 am

Sven Oliver Müller: Communities of Violence? Opera Riots in Victorian Britain

10:30 am

Coffee break

11:30 am
Christian Heath: Animating Competition: Performances, Impression Management, and the Interactional Production of Value                        
12:00 am

Lunch at Harnack-Haus

1 pm


Michael Gamper: Energetic Transmissions, Energetic Transformations: Sport, Literature, and Affective Audiences in the 1920s
2:30 pm
Kai van Eikels: From Audience Aggression to Participatory Destruction in 3 Easy Steps
3:30 pm

Coffee break

4:30 pm

Helena Flam: Three Questions about Affect and a (possibly unrelated) Case Study

5 pm
Meike Haken / Hubert Knoblauch / Michael Wetzels: Audience Emotions - Collective Affectivity in Sports and Religious Events
6 pm
Conference Dinner at Tagesbar
7:30 pm

Saturday, May 5th: Seminarzentrum Freie Universität Berlin

Media Publics

Kerstin Schankweiler: "Reaching out to the rest of the World" - Affective Media Witnessing in Egypt 2011                 
9:30 am
Margreth Lünenborg / Tanja Maier: From Audiences to Publics: Affective Media Practices between the Local and the Global                    
10:30 am
Coffee break
11:30 am
Jonas Bens: Affective Transference and the Problem of Multiple Publics: What is the Audience for Transitional Justice? 12:00 am
Lunch at Ristorante Galileo
1 pm

Keynote Hörsaal 1b

Eva Illouz: Populist Politics and Emotions

2 pm