Call for Volunteers

CADE-25 is organized by its program/workshop/tutorial chairs and a local organization team at the Freie Universität Berlin. Nevertheless, during the time of the conference itself, the organizers of CADE-25 need further at-sight support by volunteers to ensure that all scientific and social meetings are conducted successfully.

In order to support the organisation of CADE-25, we are seeking volunteers to help on 2-3 days between August 1 and 7. The duties of the volunteers are to assist the CADE-25 organisation team, for example, at the registration desk, as technical support staff during the workshop and tutorial days, as a group guide during the excursion, etc. Each volunteer is supervised by one of the senior organizers who will also be the primary contact person for that volunteer during the conference.

In return, the volunteers will receive free registration and access to all scientific events of CADE-25, including tutorials, workshops and the main conference itself. Each volunteer is guaranteed to have at least 50% free time to attend lectures at will. The remaining time is devided into a share of 2-3 days of fixed duties and a small part of "stand-by" duties, which are likely to be free time.
Moreover, upon request, we might be able to provide free (shared) accommodation in a student hostel. Please tell us upon application whether this applies to you.

Details can be found within the Call Document.

If you are interested in becoming a CADE-25 Voluneeer, please fill out the Application form and send the therein described additional documents to, both before 01.05.2015. Applicants that have been chosen as volunteers will be contacted before 15.05.2015.